Simple, Compound, Complex Sentence


Simple Sentence

Simple Sentence mengadungi 1 ayat lengkap yang menyatakan 1 idea.

He went to the clinic yesterday.
The cat is drinking the milk under the table.
The island is beautiful.


Compound Sentence

Compound Sentence menggabungkan 2 ayat lengkap menggunakan conjunction iaitu:

and (dan)
but (tetapi)
or (atau)

He went to a shopping mall and he met his old friend.
The woman wants to buy the handbag but she doesn’t have enough money.


Complex Sentence

Complex Sentence menggabungkan 1 ayat lengkap dan 1 ayat pelengkap. Ayat pelengkap ini memerlukan 1 ayat lengkap untuk menyampaikan maksudnya dengan menggunakan conjunction tertentu.


because she is sick. (ayat pelengkap)
She goes to the clinic because she is sick. (Complex Sentence)

because it is raining outside. (ayat pelengkap)
The boys cannot play football today because it is raining outside. (Complex Sentence)

although he is rich. (ayat pelengkap)
Dato’ Amar always stays humble although he is rich.(Complex Sentence)

since he is the class monitor. (ayat pelengkap)
Every day, Azmin takes his class attendance since he is the class monitor. (Complex Sentence)


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