Section B(ii)

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First of all, read the question carefully. Identify…

  1. In what format do you need to write ? (message/letter/postcard/email)
  2. Whom will you be writing to ?







IMPORTANT: In a Message,Letter, Postcard, Email the way of writing the content is the same.


Step 1: Start your writing with a salutation..

Dear Johari,

Step 2: Then, write a simple introduction (the purpose of writing…)

I write this email/postcard to tell you about my experience going to Kuala Lumpur last weekend.

I write this email/postcard to tell you about a few interesting places that you can visit in Kuala Lumpur.

Step 3: In the next new paragraph, start the 1st idea. (given/provided idea)

First, I suggest you to go to KL Bird Park. (jika disuruh memberi cadangan, guna suggest)


The first reason you must go to KL Bird Park is that you can see many birds.  (jika disuruh memberi alasan)

Given/provided idea (maklumat utama yang sedia ada diberikan di dalam kertas soalan)
Hidden idea (maklumat tersembunyi yang boleh difikirkan, berkaitan dengan maklumat utama)

Step 4: Support the 1st idea above with another sentence. (hidden idea)

At the bird park, there are many types of beautiful and colourful birds.

Step 5: After that, start the 2nd idea. (given idea)

Then, I suggest you to visit  the National Zoo.

Step 6: Support the 2nd idea with another sentence. (hidden idea)

It is one of the famous zoo in Malaysia. You can see many kinds of animals.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 and 6 for the 3rd idea.

Step 7: Close your writing with…

I think that is all from me. Thank you.

Step 8: Signature


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