Subject-Verb Agreement

Rules of Subject Verb Agreement


Be careful on using these words:

is, are, was, were,has, have,do,does

Be careful on using these tenses:

Simple present tense, Simple past tense

Present continuous tense, Past continuous tense

Present perfect tense


Singular subject uses Singular Verb

Plural subject uses Plural verb.

The cat drinks milk. / The cat is drinking milk.

The cats drink milk. / The cats are drinking milk.

The book is on the table / The books are on the table.

The boy is handsome.

The boys are handsome.

He/She wears a pair of shoes. / He/She goes to school.

They wear a pair of shoes. / They go to school.

He/She has a cat.

They have a cat.

There is a cat on the table.

There are two cats on the table.

One of my friends is a doctor / Two of my friends are  doctors.

Read every sentence and choose the answer. Click (the box) the check the correct answer.

1. The price of these booksreasonable.

2. The books I borrowed from the libraryon my desk.

3. The boy who won the two medalsa friend of mine.

4. Rice and chicken our daily food for lunch.

5. The famous singer and composer arrived to the concert.

6. Collecting match-boxes one of his favourite hobbies.

7. The quality of the foodpoor.

8. None of my friends there.

9. That new studentmany talents.

10. My family and Ibeen to Australia several times.

11. The boss and his workers ,been robbed by the robber.

12. There a squirrel in the classroom.

13. There many people jogging at the park

14. Thirty years a long time. (refer to a period of time)

17. One of the booksbeen missing.

18. The poor people in the village  suffering.

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