Passive Voice

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There are two forms of sentence in English.

  1. Active voice (subjek ayat adalah Si Pelaku perbuatan )

Amir ate the fruits. (Amir telah makan buah-buahan itu )

2. Passive voice (subjek ayat adalah perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh Si Pelaku )

The fruits were eaten by Amir.  (Buah-buahan itu telah dimakan oleh Amir)




Sometimes in Passive Voice sentence we don’t need to mention the doer/agent. (Si pelaku)

All the work will be completed by tomorrow.

A new building was built behind the old school.

The food on the table are prepared for the special guests.

The T-shirt is made of cotton.


How to form a passive voice:

is/are/was/were/will be + (past participle of a verb)

Past Participle is NOT a Past Tense form. You must know the Past Participle for every verb.


go = gone

do = done

make = made

blow = blown

eat = eaten

write = written

==>>Click here for more Past Participle list.


Read the examples:

Active voice: Ali wrote the letter.
Passive voice: The letter was written by Ali

Active voice: Tina ate the Nasi Lemak.
Passive voice: The Nasi Lemak was eaten by Tina.

Active voice: The school will plan a meeting with parents.
Passive voice: A meeting with parents will be planned  by the school.

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