How To Write A Sentence ?

Basic Sentence

What make a sentence ?

A sentence is a structure of words that is:
1. Complete (lengkap)
2. Meaningful (bermakna)
==>Word level (incomplete)


==>Phrase level (incomplete)

go to school
playing football
The beautiful girls

==>Sentence level (complete, meaningful)

The students go to school.
Ali and his friends are playing football.
The beautiful girls are dancing.


Basically, to write a sentence you should have:

(Subject) + (Predicate (VERB)

That means a basic sentence must have an action (VERB) and who performs the action (SUBJECT).


Ali sleeps.

The boys cry.

The students sing.

In more advanced form of sentences you can add more elements.

(Subject) + (Verb) + (Object)

Ali kicks the ball.

The musician plays a guitar.


Every action in a sentence is shown using a VERB (kata kerja). Every VERB must follow TENSE rules (Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense).


Ali goes to school ( present tense)
Yesterday, Ali went to school ( past tense)
Tomorrow, Ali will go to school (future tense)

Lastly, in order to make a sentence NOT BORING and more meaningful, you can add the elements below in the sentence.

1. Adjective (kata sifat)
2. Adverb
3. Preposition (kata tunjuk arah)
4. Conjunction (kata hubung)
5. Linking words (wacana)
6. Idioms (peribahasa)

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